Want list - alphabetically by composer
Last update: 11-June-2016

Originals - this means the ORIGINAL PHYSICAL CDs
Monsignor Quixote - Anton Garcia Abril (Red Bus CDRBLP-1010)
The Horse Soldiers - David Buttolph (Victor Japan VDP-5171)
It Started in Naples - Alessandro Cicognini (MCA Records Japan MVCM-22070)
The Film Music of... Vol. 14, 15 - Masaru Satoh (SLC Japan)

Please note that I am not interested DVD rips of any of the following, regardless of supposedly how few sound effects or dialogue there may be. If I wanted garbage like that, I'd do it myself. I'd also prefer music from a lossless source, although it's not a hard-and-fast requirement.

David Arnold
The World is Not Enough complete

Edward Artemiev
Burial of the Rats

Richard Band

David Bergeaud
The Unnamable
The Unnamable II

George S. Clinton

Ry Cooder
Streets of Fire complete score

Jeff Danna
Ripley Underground

Barry Devorzon
The Exorcist III
Simon & Simon episode scores

Pino Donaggio
Backlash: Oblivion 2
(I've been told that even the composer does not have the above two scores)

Johnny Douglas
Dungeons & Dragons cartoon score music

Randy Edelman
Ghostbusters 2

Gerald Fried
Any episode scores from FLAMINGO ROAD other than the pilot

Joel Goldsmith

Mark Governor
Pet Semetary Two

Richard Harvey
House of Long Shadows

Christian Henson
Chasing Liberty

Kenneth V. Jones
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo

Michael Kamen
License to Kill complete

Daniel Licht
Necronomicon (segments 2 and 3)

Harry Manfredini
Cameron's Closet
House IV
Through the Looking Glass (with Arlen Ober)

John Marion
Aquaman 1967 cartoon score music

Hugo Montenegro
The Ambushers

Stanley Myers
The Wind (w/Hans Zimmer)
The Witches
The Zero Boys

Rachel Portman
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Mike Post
Any episode scores from...
Magnum P.I.
The Rockford Files
Tenspeed and Brown Show
...in fact, just about any ORIGINAL TV episode music by Mike Post which it appears the composer doesn't seem to have any use for

Graeme Revell
Ghost in the Machine

J. Peter Robinson
The Kiss
Return of the Living Dead Part II

Lalo Schifrin
The Manitou
Any episode scores from Petrocelli

Howard Shore
Sliver complete

Alan Silvestri
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Mark Snow
Smallville (any/all episodes that aren't commercially available)

Bob Summers
One Dark Night

Fredric Talgorn
Edge of Sanity

Colin Towns
Rawhead Rex
Space Truckers

Robert J. Walsh
Inhumanoids cartoon score music

Patrick Williams
Any episode scores from...
Lou Grant
The Streets of San Francisco
Back to the Streets of San Francisco

John Winkless
Not of This Earth (1995)

Paul Zaza
The Club
Prom Night (score music)

Hans Zimmer
The Daytona Race & Victory Celebration from DAYS OF THUNDER

Miscellaneous / Various composers
Any COLUMBO TV episode scores
Any NIGHT GALLERY TV episode scores
Any unreleased TALES FROM THE CRYPT TV episode scores